Examples of HLPs in action

Healthcare Legal Partnerships - or, as they are known in other areas, Medical Legal Partnerships - exist when two organizations come together to work for the good of the patient.  These articles and videos offer examples and insight from successful partnerships.

Resources from around the nation offer insight into how an HLP can work. 

Legal Help at Medical Clinic Improves Health Outcomes

  A story from St. Cloud CentraCare Family Health Center   (read full article here)

Legal help can be the prescription for health at Minneapolis clinic

  A StarTribune Feature (read full article here)

Medical/Legal partnership a positive prescription

  An article from the Free Press of South-Central Minnesota (read full article here)

Medical-Legal Partnership receives Ramsey County Public Health Award

  A Mitchell-Hamline Law School article (read full article here)

This video from the Center for Children's Advocacy demonstrates how healthcare legal partnerships can advocate for patients with disabilities affecting their health and education.  

This is the story of Victor, diagnosed with PTSD and ADHD, who lives with his single mom who struggles to care for her family.

In this video clip, 2016 Conference Keynote Speaker Dr. Kerry Rodabaugh shares her first experience with talking to an attorney about one of her oncology patients.  Through that experience she came to realize that "these unsolvable problems can be solved" - the caregiving team just needs to expand beyond traditional medical partners.

Students at the Kansas University School of Law have the opportunity to learn about healthcare legal partnerships.  In this video, two students share their experiences and thoughts about HLPs.

The Connecticut Veterans Legal Center has developed a healthcare legal partnership with the VA Errara Community Care Center.

Additional resources and help may be found on these websites: